Health Tourism
For the last two decades, Turkey has been a rising star in so many fields. One of the astonishing spheres is Medical Tourism. People from more than 100 countries are visiting Turkey for treatment.

Turkey has also been incorporating five-star hotel accommodations with its successful and high quality services in medical centers, thermal facilities, spa centers and wellness facilities.

Turkey is one of the best choices for treatment destination in general for all countries in Middle East, Caucasus, Central Asia and particularly for Europeans and Africans.

Turkey has more than 100 internationally accredited medical facilities and has highly professional, well educated and extremely specialized doctors.Also  offering competitive price for all ranges of medical solutions.

When it comes to medical tourism, it is not always only about medication, it is also about hospitality and positive approach. From nurses to professors and from ordinary medical servicemen to administrative individuals in all medical, thermal, spa and wellness facilities; Turkish medical professionals are culturally welcoming. There is no discrimination, no complexes, no racism in Turkish medical, thermal, spa and wellness centers.

Turkish medical, thermal, spa and wellness tourism is also consolidated by country’s very attractive nature. Sea, mountains, forests, rivers, history, museums, shopping centers, skiing spots, walking paths, climbing… and all other touristic options can be found for holiday and tourism in Turkey. So medication and treatment in Turkey can easily be ornamented with other activities.

Turkish medical tourism is also supported with a wide range of comfortable and affordable (boutique, unique, individual and chain) hotels. Family members, relatives, friends of the patient will not face any problems whatsoever during their stay in Turkey. This is also good for before and after medication in any of the Turkish hospitals, thermal centers, spas and wellness facilities in Turkey.

We should also mention that Turkish government is providing incentives to all Turkish hospitals, Turkish thermal centers, Turkish spa centres, Turkish wellness facilities and all other institutions related to medical tourism in Turkey. Turkish medical tourism centres can get this governmental support only if they are providing service for foreigners.
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