DAFF ISTANBUL  founded in 2019 with 20 years of  
experience in manufacturing and foreign trade in Turkey.  
We have diversified our trading portfolio in 20 years of  
growth, and now we trade machine, textiles, shoes,  
covid-19 related goods, construction materials, also  
service for health tourism.

We provide import & export services  and consulting that  
will guide you through the entire process from start to  
Our company with 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting, suppyling Turkish goods in high-quality and competitive price to   our valuable  
business partners .We have agreements more than 10 manufacturer partner, also we have agreements  with quality hospitals in Turkey for health tourism.
Your Purchase Office
Your Export Office
Contract Manufacturing Management
If you want to import from Turkey , DAFF  
Istanbul will act like your purchase agent.We  
are negotiate and administer contracts with  
manufacturers and vendors.
We are performing export documentation s  
to ensure that they are in compliance with  
customs rules and regulations.
Collaborating with the right contract  
manufacturer  can have many benefits.We  
will find best producers who can produce  
goods for your brand in required quality and  
competitive prices.
About Us
DAFF Istanbul founded 2019 in Istanbul which is heart of Turkey
Industry to cover shortage of international relation of good
manufacturer to world.
DAFF Istanbul continues to export high quality products to Africa
that have been newly developed or currently produced for the
domestic market in covid-19 related ancillary medical products
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